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Make a purchase, plant a tree

As part of our partnership with More Trees, for each purchase over £80, we donate £1 to offset the unavoidable carbon involved in running our business and increase biodiversity. As soon as an order is made we process the payment to More Trees. We have chosen to do this because at JÉVON our collections are inspired by nature, animals and wildlife. Hence, our first summer collection is titled the Earth Summer Capsule.

Recyclable Packaging

To further help preserve the environment all of our packaging is recyclable, from the JÉVON mailing bag used to send your order, to the tissue paper and our Thank You Card. All of our Swing Tags are recycled and made from high-quality office wastepaper, sourced from UK corporations and offices. This benefits the environment by leading to less trees being cut and reducing the amount of energy and water required to produce the Swing Tags.

Manufacturing in London

All JÉVON Waistcoats are manufactured by our machinist in London in small to medium quantities. In addition, this helps us to reduce carbon emissions, in contrast to if we were to have our stock and garments shipped over from other countries. However, our other garments are manufactured by factories based in other parts of the world so that we can effectively manage our orders and demand.

Working with UK Suppliers & Mills

At JÉVON we refuse to use intermediary services. This means that when we get embroidery work, screen printing or manufacturing carried out, we deal directly with the company or supplier. This helps us to ensure that we are manufacturing the best quality garments, suppliers meet our requirements and they uphold their employee’s rights.


Deadstock Fabric

We also make use of Deadstock Fabric, Organic Cotton and other natural fabrics such as Silk. Additionally, we try when possible to always source fabric and labels from UK Mills and suppliers, to reduce carbon emissions.

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