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Written by Marc-Levi


JÉVON is a London based luxury brand, with a large focus on modern and tailored menswear. The name JÉVON is inspired by a very close family friend that unfortunately passed away in 2012. Jeavon was adventurous, bold, unafraid to challenge the status quo and authentic. These are all aspects I try to incorporate into the pipeline of the brand, as it grows and develops.


Many of the garments I design are also largely influenced by my experiences whilst travelling, alongside my Jamaican heritage.



My mother used to sew her own clothing during her time at university. She continues to utilise her professional sewing skills, by creating clothes that empower her to embrace her new body. This is particularly important to her, after having recently recovered from breast cancer and had both of her breasts replaced.

Similarly, I hope to use JÉVON to primarily encourage different people across the world to exude confidence and feel empowered. Hence, I focus on Tailored Menswear and Unisex Accessories, which combine luxury with comfort.

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